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Red Bee Press Team

Debbie Agnew

Owner & Ad Sales

The owner and proprietor of Red Bee Press is Debbie Agnew. Debbie has worked for a visitor publication and sold radio advertising in Central Oregon for over a decade. She gained a large client base of business owners, many who have become good friends. She loved seeing clients get results from their advertising dollars.

Clients mentioned that they really didn’t know which part of their marketing was working because it is hard to track. With her experience in the visitor market, Debbie realized that there was a need to reach visitors as well as locals and wanted to create something that business owners would be able to track. And thus, Red Bee Press coupon book was born.

Elissa Davis

Creative Director/Designer

Elissa has been a graphic designer for over 25 years. Elissa's career has thrived in both the structure of large advertising agencies as well as the flexible world of freelancing. Elissa is passionate about her work and loves creating fabulous designs that fulfill all her clients' expectations, as well as put detailed and organized thought into their projects. Elissa has worked for a vast range of clients – from corporations like eBay to many smaller businesses like the Nature Center and Oregon Observatory in Sunriver.

Elissa has been the Creative Director for Red Bee Press since they started in the fall of 2012 and loves it!


Giving Back

In every issue of Red Bee Press we donate an entire page to a Central Oregon charity. This is our community...where our kids go to school and where our friends and families live. We are grateful to live here and we want to be a part of helping our neighbors. Download our Community Spotlight application form. Here are the charities we have been able to help with our publication so far:

giving back to our community #inbend

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